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Geraldo Stands By President Trump On Puerto Rico, Condemns Liberals For “Politicizing Tragedy”



Geraldo uses every opportunity to express his support for President Donald Trump. Our leaders has been so many times attacked and criticized. Patriots really appreciate having someone like Geraldo to watch his back. Liberals attacked President Trump for not helping people in the island territory of Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Maria.

Liberals used the lousiest trick to criticize the President and convince everybody that he is a bad person. Some of them said that President Trump is not helping Puerto Rico because he discriminates Hispanics.

But, Geraldo Rivera blasted all of them. He’s been reporting from the island in the last period. He condemned liberals, and defended the President.

“More evidence @realDonaldTrump was derelict in his duty to protect US citizens in Puerto Rico. He was more interested in bashing the NFL. On the ground I see the suffering — but feel deeply that attacking @realDonaldTrump for the ravages of nature & neglect is politicizing tragedy. What we really need, if this slice of America is to be saved from sliding into the Third World, is a massive effort on the scale of the Marshall plan that rebuilt Europe from the chaos, ashes and destruction of World War II,” Geraldo said.

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“Call it the Trump Plan, if that’s what it takes, brand it like your impressive buildings and hotels. However it is to be accomplished it needs to be done, so that decades from now children here will be taught how the president representing the American people, came to the rescue of our fellow citizens in crisis,” he added.

We need more people like Geraldo Rivera to stand by President Donald Trump. We need them to give their support for he deserves it. He is doing his best to make America great again. Patriots across the country should gather their forces, and defend our President. He’s been criticized for too long, and it’s about time for decent Americans to do something.

What do you think about the comments Geraldo made? Do you agree with him? How will liberals interpret his attitude? Will they keep criticizing the President about Puerto Rico disaster?


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