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BREAKING: Military Makes Shock Trump Announcement



As expected, this is another false accusation.

Apparently, President Donald Trump is doing everything in his power to take care of Puerto Rico. However, it is a process and it will need time to fix everything. On Friday, Army Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Buchanan stated: “We’re certainly bringing in more [troops]. For example, on the military side, we’re bringing in both Air Force, Navy and Army medical capabilities in addition to aircraft, more helicopters. … [But] it’s not enough, and we’re bringing more in.”

According to Christian News Alerts, 4,000 troops were appointed by the Pentagon in order to help out with the relief efforts in Puerto Rico. The people that were displaced or injured are Americans that deserve the same help as anyone else. However, the Democrats claimed that Trump isn’t doing enough for the island.

Puerto Rican Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz is one of the hardest critics of the president. Cruz claimed that the president needs to: “Make sure somebody is in charge that is up to the task of saving lives.”

The troops are working very hard to make sure that all the help needed is given. However, the major decided to complain. Apparently, she is unaware as to why supplies are scarce in her area.

Regarding the time, these matters will need a lot of it. The troops are working hard with the Puerto Ricans, but no matter the urgency, this situation can’t be smoothened overnight. After Hurricane Maria hit the island, many of the employees couldn’t show up for work. Because of that, there is a huge number of supplies that need to be opened or distributed.

Instead of bashing the President and making false accusations, the Democrats should have at least a little understanding.

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